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Not on our mailing list?

If you are not on our mailing list you are missing out on important updates, news and dates of seminars and conferences. You qualify if you work for a local authority (or fully devolved service) Housing Needs Division. AHAS is aimed at managers and relevant policy workers. To get on our mailing list just email us on: info@ahas.org.uk

Next AHAS Seminar
Next AHAS Seminar

This will be on the theme of Single Homelessness - we aim to cover a number of aspects, not just rough sleepers. Likely to be early July. Watch this place and we will email you

Domestic Abuse Seminars held on 29 April 2021
Domestic Abuse Seminars held on 29 April 2021

I will be posting presentations of this seminar in the next few days. We are still awaiting to see if the recording of the seminar worked and how we can get it to you. Fingers crossed.

Date of next AHAS Conference announced

January 01, 2020

AHAS is pleased to announce that our next popular Annual Conference 100 days of the HRA will be on Tuesday 17 July 2018 at Camden Town Hall. Put the date in your diary but booking is not open yet..

London authorities will receive 3 free places.

Thank you to regional coordinators for agreeing the funding.

We hope it all goes well

January 01, 2020

We hope every local authority housing department is able to manage the transition into the HRA on 3 April 2018 and wish you well without too much stress.

Keep up posted. We will be asking you how it is going periodically.

HRA to go live 1 April 2018

Starting pistol has been fired - the HRA is to go live 1 April 2018.

Not long 7.5 months to work on the implementation - recruitment, training, retraining, systems, procurement etc

AHAS will discuss this at our next General Meeting on 29th September 2017 - keep the date free.

Jobs Page

Our Job Page is live - lots of jobs - remember you can advertise free of charge if you are a local authority or fully devolved Housing Needs Service. Send you job vacancies to info@ahas.org.uk...


July 17, 2016

As the DCLG could not attend we have decided to cancel this meeting. This will be rescheduled when we are able to fix a new date with the DCLG.
Apologies for the inconvenience.

"Welsh Model" not included in Queens Speech - but do not relax just yet - AHAS carries on with survey

March 13, 2016

The "Welsh model" was not included in the Queens Speech and a number of Housing Needs Managers have been coaxed back from the edge of the roofs of their town halls!
However this is not likely to go away so we still need to gather evidence so we are prepared with our data. The survey deadline has now been extended to 3 June 2016. Please make sure you complete it.

AHAS launches survey of financial and operational impact of new duties

March 13, 2016

In anticipation of the Queens Speech AHAS is conducting a survey to evaluate the impact of the new duties due to be announced in a new Housing Bill. These duties mirroring the "Welsh Model" will have massive operational and financial impact in London and areas of high demand.
To assess this AHAS is conducting a survey on what it will mean for your council. If you have not received your survey and want to participate contact the coordinator on Info@ahas.org.uk and we will send you a link. The survey will only be open until Friday 20 May 2016. The AHAS exec will then produce a report.

Not too late to respond to the Homelessness Reduction Bill Committee

January 01, 2020

If you misssed the initital too short deadline for sending in your submissions to this committee, this has been extended till 15 September. You can watch the latest  scrutiny hearing on.www.parliamentlive.tv/Event/Index/5fa19e46-8ca4-468e-b3c2-9511b21e6de0. and submit your views dto: http://goo.gl/nLnjm2.

Feel free to use any of our material but also address some of the assumptions - for example that this will will reduce homelessness; it did not in Wales so why should it in London and the rest of the country:

From the Shelter evaluation of the Welsh model 1 year on:

3. Not many people are being enabled to remain in their own home

When someone is threatened with homelessness, the first priority is usually to help them remain in their own home – if, of course, this is what the household wants.  It turns out that remaining at home is only happening in a minority of cases. Fewer than one in four (23 per cent) of successful outcomes were because the household was able to remain at home.


So any success Wales had was because they have ample supply.  Not to do with prevention...... what hope for London and high rent areas and short or no supply.

Website Updates

March 13, 2016

PLEASE NOTE:  Website will not be updated for two weeks whilst Co-ordinator receives training.  If you need any documents or information, please send email.
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