Events & Meetings

AHAS General Meetings and events such as seminars and conferences are open to all Local Authorities Housing Needs departments and fully commissioned Housing Needs Services (such as those provided by ALMOs, RMG etc.) and are by invitation only.

If you want to attend any event please email the coordinator at info@ahas.org.uk and we will add you to our mailing list.


Next Event:

March 2021

AHAS is running a series of  3 seminars on topical issues. The first one in February was on Private Sector tenancies and how to deal with evictions. The next one will be  on Domestic Violence and scheduled for end of April; the third one will be on Rough Sleeper and likely to be in May/ June.  These events are free to 3  London Authorities funded by the regions and £50 each  for all others. They last 2 hours on Teams and you will receive full notes and there is an opportunity to hold discussions with colleagues.

If you are on our mailing list you will receive notifications; if you are not send me an email at info@ahas.org.uk and I will notify you of next events. These seminars are run by leading operational managers who have experience of the subject in a local authority setting.

Next AHAS General Meeting on Friday 24 July 2020 at 10am.

The meeting will last about 2 hrs. This meeting will be on Microsoft Teams.


We will be assessing the direction of travel on 3 key areas:

  • Rough Sleepers and the Crisis Bill, Changes to the CoG

  • The Private Rented Sector – impact of job losses and lifting of eviction moratorium; how your service should prepare to deal with effective homelessness prevention

  • The implications  for your finances of all of this – grants etc


There will be opportunities for a limited number of questions/conversations.

+ any legal updates – allocations etc


We will have 3 speakers from AHAS presenting and we will email you handouts of their presentations.


How to join

We would like you to register your attendance by emailing us on info@ahas.org.uk with the name, job title and email address of participants (limited to 2 per council – please coordinate) and we will then send you a Teams Invite. This will come from Westminster Council.

Please register by Monday 20 July 5pm.

Please note we will not have a break so bring your refreshments.

AHAS General Meeting

 Friday 6 March 2020 at 2pm at Westminster City Hall, 64 Victoria Street, SW1E 6QP. Note new venue.

Medical Assessments with emphasis on assessments for homelessness.


Dr Keen of NowMedical who provides the majority of these assessments for London authorities will talk about his service and address the recent comments made about it.

We will hear from RMG about their alternative model of single homeless assessments with the CMHT.

Other councils will participate with their models.

There will be an opportunity for Q&A with all the speakers.

In addition we will update you on all recent cases, legal developments and private rented sector proposals.

How to Book:

Please note because of space we are limiting attendance to 1 delegate per council. Please speak to each other to decide who to send – as usual it will be useful for everyone if you send someone with an operational and strategic overview of the subject.

Please send me an email with the name and job title of your delegate. Named delegates only

PUT THE DATE IN YOUR DIARY for the 2019 AHAS Conference

The AHAS 2019 Conference will be on Wednesday 6 November 2019 at Southwark Council

More info later on in the year

AHAS General Meeting Wednesday 14 November 2018 2pm Lambeth Town Hall

Still some places left as we have a large room for this important AHAS Meeting

We have 5 senior DWP officers attending who will address all your enquiries about Universal Credit

So if you have not booked do so - you will not get this opportunity again.

See below for how to book

AHAS General Meeting Wednesday 14 November 2018 2pm Lambeth Town Hall

Universal Credit with DWP officers, UC Dashboards, Legal Updates, Duty to Refer

Booking: 2 per council - by email to info@ahas.org.uk

AHAS 2018 Housing Advice Conference: HRA The first 100 Days is open for booking on Eventbrite

Tuesday 17 July 2018 9.30 - 4.30 At Camden Town Hall

This is by invitation only and you should have received an email from Evenbrite inviting you to book.

If you have not it is because you are not on our mailing list and you need to contact us at info@ahas.org.uk 

AHAS 2018 Annual Conference for Housing Needs Managers

  • Workshops on dealing strategically and operationally with the Private Rented Sector 

  • The Legal Hour

  • Examination, debate and mutual aid session on councils' experiences of the first 100 days of the HRA 


If you are from Out of London we have limited places available for sale at £90 each - you will not have received an invite from Eventbrite but you should have received an email from us; again if you are not on our mailing list contact us - to book contact info@ahas.org.uk

Keep this date free: Tuesday 17 July 2018 all day at Camden Town Hall

The Annual AHAS Conference: 100 days of the HRA.

As usual 3 free places for London Authorities; limited number of places for sale for outer London.

Do not try to book yet - I will inform you when booking is open.

Funded by London Regional Coordinators.

AHAS General Meeting Wednesday 14 March 2.30 Camden Council Chamber, Town Hall Judd Street WC1 9JE

Note 2.30 start.

 2 weeks away from the start date of the HRA  a meeting for the operational sector to get together and compare notes, ask questions and share ideas and information about your implementation - under Chatham House rules if necessary.


A few managers will do presentations on the following but the bulk of the meeting will be a discussion and Q&A.


Attendance: 2 per council - please do not send delegates who are not briefed, do not have an overview or are not senior enough to take part in the discussion. 

Bookings: as usual by sending an email to info@ahas.org.uk

AHAS General Meeting Friday 22 July 2016 1pm 10th Floor Camden Council, 5 Pancras Square N21 4AG

New time to accommodate Dee O'Connell only being available until 2.15.

New arrangements have been put in place by Camden Council (Thanks to Shaun Flook for that)  so that you can just sign in to reception and go straight to 11th floor conference room so no delays

 -         Dee O'Connell Deputy Director Homelessness DCLG on TA subsidy arrangements and updates on Welsh Model

-           Legal Updates – all new caselaw (inc introduction of Universal Credit)

-          1 year on since Nzolameso – where are we?

-          Welsh model –  results of our survey on impact of new duties

-          Latest developments on procurement and homelessness prevention

-          Free tea/coffee/biscuits during the break 

How to book: Email to info@ahas.org.uk – named delegates only – you will need to let us know in advance of any cancellation and changes. I am away so you will not receive an acknowledgement email until I get back in a couple of weeks but as usual first come first served


The AHAS Annual Conference will be on FRIDAY 18 NOVEMBER 2016  

       Location: Southwark Council, to be confirmed

       Please pencil date in your diary - more information later.


There will be another AHAS General Meeting before that – Date to be announced