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Presentation by DCLG at AHAS general meeting Aug16. Please reply to DCLG


AHAS research August 2016 Financial implication of Homelessness Prevention Duties


AHAS Research Additional Duties Homelessness Prevention June 2016 - Out of London

AHAS Legal Update March 2016

Andrew Carter and Phil Warren


AHAS Supplementary Legal Casenote Update March 2016

Andrew Carter


AHAS Response CLG Homelessness Enquiry 

Response by Association of Housing Advice Services.

FEB 2016/ File Size: 45kb


AHAS Legal Update - S21 Changes & Others

AHAS Update S21 Changes from 1st October 2015

01 OCT 2015/ File Size: 228kb


AHAS Legal Update 

Legal Updates March 2015

18 MAR 2015/ File Size: 348kb


Right To Move Briefing for AHAS 18th March 2015

On 10 September 2014, the Government published...

MAR 2015 File Size:21kb


Landlords Costs for Evicting a Tenant

Cost of evicting a tenant can be equivalent to at least 3 months and may be a lot more!

2015 File Size:28kb


AHAS Legal Update 

Legal Updates Dec2014

01 DEC 2014/ File Size: 25kb


AHAS Legal Update 

Legal Updates Aug2014

14 AUG 2014/ File Size: 17kb


Property Standards Consultation March 2014

AHAS represents the largest number of housing advice...

2014 File Size:400kb


Affordability Beta V6.2

Evidence base for cost of living and guidance for caseworkers

08 OCT 2013/ File Size: 778kb


Mortgage Rescue Scheme Information Guide 2012-13

Guide for Local Authorities 2012/13

2012 File Size:575kb


Rules of the Association 

The name of the Association shall be ...

JAN 2010 File Size:31kb


AHAS PI Guidance 2005

Housing Advice Performance Indicators (HAPI)

08 NOV 2005/ File Size: 669kb


AHAS Response Consultation Local Decisions

Response to the consultation Local Decisions: A fairer future for social housing

File Size: 314kb


AHAS Response to CLG Consultation on Rugg Review

Response to CLG Consultation: The Private Rented Sector: Professionalism and Quality

File Size: 136kb


AHAS Response to the Mayor Housing Covenant

Making the Private Rented Sector work for Londoners 

File Size:412kb


AHAS Suitability ACC Consultation Response

Response to Homelessness (Suitability of Accommodation) (England) Order 2012 Consultation

File Size:221kb


Giving Landlords What They Want

Giving Landlords what they want: Private Renting Best Practice

File Size:1.9MB


Nomination Form AHAS Exec

Executive members must be managers preferably...

File Size:39kb


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