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Supporting your staff through the HRA implementation and beyond

HRA Implementation Checklist Shaun Flook Camden..

Code of Guidance 2018 Phil Warren

Southwark HRA Pilot Presentation Ian Swift.

Southwark Data to be read with Southwark pilot presentation...

DCLG Implementation of the Homelessness Reduction Act Jo Beck...

Camden tips for recruiting for the Homelessness Reduction Act (or at all)hat's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Job Profile Information: Homelessness Prevention Adviser

Amendments to JDs in Camden for recruitment of untrainedv housing advisers fro HRA

Affordability Calculator;

As a companion to our Affordability report we have produced this spreadsheet which is easy to use....

Rapid - presentation of new assessment system Gareth Edwards

Legal Update March 17 Jon Dalton.

HRB latest - with unresolved points J Dalton March 17.

P1E - what CLG requirements look like - Lambeth chart CThompson March 17.

Proposed changes to P1E - Phil Warren Southend - to be read in conunction with Lambeth doc

AHAS Affordability Report. Updated March 2017

Feel free to use it but you must take your own legal advice.

AHAS response to GLC Committee on Homeless Reduction Bill

You can use any of this if you want.

DCLG informal consultation on Replacement for Temporary Accommodation Management Fees. Please respond to DCLG directly to address provided

Financial implications of new Homelessness Prevention Duties AHAS research August 2016 v2 Please remove previous version

AHAS Research Additional Duties Homelessness Prevention June 2016 - Out of London

AHAS Legal Update August 2016 includes Housing & Planning Act

Notes to Legal Update to be read in conjunction with presentation Legal Update August 2016

Code of practice on illegal immigrants and private rented accommodation


AHAS Legal Update 

Andrew Carter & Phil Warren 



AHAS Supplementarty Legal Casenote  Update March 2016

Andrew Carter


Planning & Housing Bill Update

Neil Wightman

The Right to Rent 

Jon Dalton


AHAS Response CLG Homelessness Enquiry Feb16

AHAS Executive

Feb 2016


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